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Make Them Buy Now Launch Details

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Make Them Buy Now Launch Details



***LAUNCH CALENDAR*** (download a printable version by clicking here)

Video #1:                                Thursday, August 7
Video #2:                                Monday, August 11
Video #3:                                Thursday, August 14
Video #4:                                Monday, August 18  (Cart also OPENS on this day)
Day with Dan:                        Tuesday, August 19
Ask the Experts:                  Saturday, August 23
Cart Closes:                          Monday, August 25


You’ll receive 40% of every ”Make Them Buy” package sold through your affiliate link…

…as well as 40% of all upsells that occur at time of purchase…

…as well as 40% on all products that are purchased for a period of 90 days (during which time non-buyers go through four different sequences to purchase products and membership)…

…as well as 40% for 12 months on any membership that’s joined during this period.  Monthly memberships range from $59.97/month to $259.97/month

If you’ve participated in the past you know that you could be getting four and five figure checks for months after a launch ends because of continuity programs and lead funnels.  For a full three months after people opt-in to the launch you get paid on every product they purchase and you get paid for up to 12 months on any subscriptions!


I’ve talked a bit about these in the video  and we’re going to reveal more of these glorious goodies in an email or two – so watch for ‘em.  And we’re also going to uncover the amazing FREE content our launch videos will contain for both you and your herd.

For now, just let us know if you have any questions about the dates – all the other details will be coming your way soon.   For now, here’s one more important date to remember:  You’ll be receiving your first “Swipe Copy” on August 5th, so you can load it to send out on the 7th.

If you somehow managed to get to this page without being an affiliate for GKIC and you want the chance to get paid for this and other promotions simply click here now.

Source: Dan Kennedy