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Marketing Educational Videos to Schools

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Marketing Educational Videos to Schools

Although they’re often overlooked, educational videos are a vital component in any classroom. When they’re well-made and produced, videos that tie into the curriculum are helpful starting points for lessons. Visual learners appreciate the content. But when videos are dated or not age-appropriate, teachers and students find little benefit to them.

If you have access to video production equipment, and you’re very familiar with the kind of educational content that is required, you may find schools that are willing to pay you for your work. Instructional videos need to be contemporary, rich in content, and grade-specific.

There are two subject areas that are currently neglected in the educational video arena, and they are social studies and science. Many schools simply cannot afford to buy the materials and supplies necessary for superior science and social studies lessons, but they may be able to spare some money for topnotch videos.

How can you capitalize on the market? One option is to connect with schools by offering your original work for sale on an educational exchange, which is a website that allows school professionals to bid on products and services. The site allows educators and schools to connect with others in the education industry. If you’ve got something to sell, you can post it for free. Freelance memberships are also free.

Most schools already have math and literacy programs, but teachers are left to their own devices to come up with interesting lessons for other subject areas. Schools need quality videos for the neglected subjects.

From bullying videos to sex ed videos, the material has to be perfectly targeted to a young audience. Many schools have rules about what can and cannot be covered in sensitive lessons. But with social studies and science videos, the content is a bit less delicate, so there is more room for creativity.

Although schools are on a tight budget, they are able to afford curriculum materials that reach a wide audience. Educational videos provide a lot of bang for their buck, because unlike hands-on materials that are not reusable, videos only have to be purchased once.

No matter what your creative specialty is, you can find a range of buyers for your skills when you go online. An educational network site is the perfect place to buy and sell goods and services in the teaching industry. Whether you’ve got audio books or videos to sell, you can list your items for no charge. is a premiere online educational auction and education freelance network that allows educational professionals to buy and sell new or used equipment and supplies, as well as hire freelance providers for various projects from consulting to grant writing.

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