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Music Video Production, Getting Yourself Noticed

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Music Video Production, Getting Yourself Noticed

Music videos can leave a lasting impression; those that are original, creative and inspiring will stay with you for a long time. Unfortunately music videos tend to follow certain trends depending on the genre. The reason for this is because often the record label will not want to put their band or artist in a position whereby there is any potential for them to look foolish. And that is fair enough, however, what it means is that creativity can be limited.

Some music video directors and music video production companies are well enough established that they are able to put their own stamp onto the videos and experiment with ideas that, on paper may seem insane, but when they are realised are actually something of lasting importance.

And it is not until we see these videos that we are often amazed at the simplicity of the production and as with all great ideas, can’t believe that it hasn’t been done before.

so for those of you out there who want to start making music videos and are inspired by a certain director, video production company or certain artist I think that’s fine, but make sure that by using their inspiration you are able to create something which is original to your own work, and your own vision and not something which is a carbon copy of a video which you saw last week.

how do we know when an idea is good? the truth is we don’t, we can think its good in the pre production stage, we can think its fantastic it the production stage and when it comes to the final edit we may think its the greatest video anyone has ever made. And if you think that then that’s great, but we don’t actually know what impact the video will have until it is released, whether broadcast or internet, if it is good enough people will watch it, they will talk and blog about it and they will pass it onto their friends. But one thing is certain, if it looks like every other video that is on at the time, they wont.

Dynomite productions are a video and animation production company, creating work for public sector, private sector and broadcast clients.

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Alongside the corporate video production we also create work for the broadcast industry Every production is approached with innovation and creativity which is only achieved by utilising different production methods such as animation and digital grading.

Author: Joel Fletcher
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