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My Second Favorite Speaking Model

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My Second Favorite Speaking Model

There are two primary ways I know to make money for speaking.

The first, is the model most follow and it can be incredibly effective.  When I spoke arenas at the Success events most of the people I shared the stage with were making six figures a year using this model.

It’s the model of getting paid to speak.

You book a gig, get a check, and deliver your 45, 60, 75 minutes speech and move on.

This CAN be a very lucrative route to go, IF you’re good at what you do, and more importantly, good at MARKETING what you do.

The speaking industry is NO DIFFERENT than any other industry.  There are plenty of amazing speakers barely earning a living because while they are fantastic at their trade, they know little about my trade…marketing.

In the world of getting paid to speak, there has been one man I shared a stage with for decades who still address over 250,000 people a year and unlike many high paid speakers, he was NOT famous for something else previously (i.e. a president, sports star or general.)

He is just very good at his craft and even better at the marketing of himself.

His name is Brian Tracy and right now you can get his book, The 6-Figure Speaker, for free if you click here.

There’s arguably no one in the world with the longevity of success that Brian has manufactured, and in his book he’ll show you how he did it and how you can apply these strategies.

Tomorrow, I will show you the model I’ve used…but today click here and get a free copy of Brian’s book.

Source: Dan Kennedy