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Nurturing Your Herd from Offline to Online

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Nurturing Your Herd from Offline to Online

If you have a list of names with mailing addresses, it makes sense to move these names online.

Why? Contacting them online with email messages costs practically nothing, especially compared to the cost of a regular postal mailing. There is a huge economic advantage to staying in touch regularly with emails.

However, don’t entirely abandon or discard your regular snail mail list. Hold on to it for special occasions. There are times when it’s smarter to reach out to your herd through conventional mailing methods instead of online.

By moving your names online, you are creating a second avenue of contact. Using multiple channels to communicate with your customers gives your list diversity. Diversity leads to stability. You now have multiple ways to contact these people.

Here’s how to seamlessly move your offline list to online:

• Send a postcard to your offline list asking them to go online to claim a gift, free information, etc.
• When your customers go online, be sure to have them provide their current email address
• Once they claim the free giveaway, move them to a “thank you” page
• On the “thank you” page your customers can claim a second free gift, information, giveaway
• While your customers are on the “thank you” page, ask them to update their mailing address if necessary
• Consider giving them a choice of several giveaways on your “thank you” page

You’ve done several things here. You’ve moved your most active customers online. You’ve cleaned up your traditional mail list by offering to mail them a giveaway while asking for their email address. And by giving them some kind of choice on the “thank you” page, you’ve increased your chances of getting a response and of getting an up-to-date mailing address.

Do you want to expand your list of names? Rent a high-responding list. In most instances you are allowed to mail to these names one time. Once again, offer them some sort of free gift or information they can receive as long as they provide their email address. If these rented names give you their email addresses, they have responded, so you’ve captured their names. They are now your names and you are free to communicate with them as often as you like.


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Dan Kennedy, GKIC

P.S. Here’s another tactic you can deploy. Opt-in and get on the list of other marketers. You don’t need to buy anything. You’re doing your own form of research. You may be able to borrow what others are doing to your advantage. For more tips on lists get this weekend’s special offer: Herd-Building Day Formulas. To order, click here now. But you must act before midnight, Monday March 2nd.

Source: Dan Kennedy