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NYLO Hotels New Website Delivers 62% Boost In Revenue [Case Study]

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NYLO Hotels New Website Delivers 62% Boost In Revenue [Case Study]

NYLO Hotels is a set of five urban, boutique-style properties that provide modern lifestyle accommodations. The hotel group offers a unique alternative for travelers who seek  a change from the traditional, uninspiring hotel experience.  As search trends continue to evolve, and search engines updating their algorithm to adapt to these changes, the hotel group needed to revamp their website to ensure continued online performance success. NYLO Hotels worked with Milestone to develop a newly structured and well-optimized portal website following the latest search, social, and usability guidelines. In addition, Milestone developed a well-thought online marketing strategy to help boost ROI. The results have been amazing!

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Milestone’s Strategy

  • Website design – following the latest search trends and the rise of mobile use, Milestone designed NYLO Hotels’ website to be responsive and capable of providing valuable information to the end-user regardless of what type of platform they are using to search – desktop, tablet, mobile.
  • Website optimization – Milestone developed the site on Galexi CMS 6.0 – the first-ever search optimized content management system designed for hotels. Using this CMS, Milestone implemented schema tags throughout the site to help boost its search performance.
  • Content strategy – with extensive keyword research, optimized content and metadata strategy were created and executed.
  • Organic and local promotion involves promoting the website on the most important channels, data aggregators, directories, and citation sites.
  • Paid search marketing.
  •  Social media integration includes the development of a blog and implementation of several social sharing features to increase website engagement and cross-channel promotion.


NYLO hotels

Excellent Results!
Since the new portal site went live in late July 2022, the following YOY results have been achieved (Jan-April 2022 vs Jan-April 2022)

  • Online revenue is up 62%
  • Traffic has increased 378%
  • Page views increased by 205% (visitors are staying on the site longer)


Contributed by:
Kanika Thakran, eStrategist
Lauren Adams, Product Marketing Specialist

Source: Paid Search