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Outsource Web Design – How to Choose the Right Partner?

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Outsource Web Design – How to Choose the Right Partner?

If this is your first dabble into outsourcing website design, it will be useful to learn a few tips and tricks for choosing the right designer to go with. There are a number of options you can choose to find the right person (freelancer) or company. This article looks at the options available and the benefits and downsides of each.

1. Freelance Website Designers

One of the best thing about freelance web designers is that you can often find a very experienced and talented designer at a fraction of the cost compared to if you were using an agency. Most designers, regardless of where they work, will do a bit of freelance work on the side and the key is to find the gems.

There are many websites out there which allow you to search for freelance web designers (a quick Google search of that term will bring up lots of results) and submit project briefs. These briefs will then be read by designers worldwide and they will reply with a quote. You then narrow down your shortlist, agree a price and then work can commence.

The benefit of doing this is that you’re skipping the middle man, aka web design agencies, and can often get a project of high quality at the fraction of the cost while maintaining a very high standard of work.

On the flip side, it is often a game of chance. With web technologies evolving every day it takes a lot of time and effort to stay on top of trends and new methodologies. Specialisation is becoming more apparent in the web world, with designers choosing a specific route (such as usability, animation, e-commerce, conversion targeting and so on) and you run the risk of picking a designer who is great at making the website look good, but hasn’t got much knowledge about usability. This leads us on nicely to web design outsourcing companies.

2. Website Design Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing companies specialising in web design will have a team dedicated to learning, producing and delivering a quality product. They will have specialists in usability, animation, graphic design and web design. When going with a (quality) web design agency, you are ensuring that you will be getting a final product that is easy to use, looks great and sells your product effectively.

The hard part is finding that outsourced website design agency who can deliver. It can often be the case that outsourcing companies promise to deliver the world at an unbelievable price. The companies that do this are often using a poorly trained workforce and are run by inexperienced people.

I’ll discuss how to ensure you’re going with a quality company in the next paragraph or two, but first I’ll start with explaining how most people start their journey to finding a great web design outsourcing company. A Google search of “outsource web design” will bring up millions of results – but how do you know who to choose?

The key is to look at three things:

  1. Is their website of a high standard?
  2. Is their portfolio diverse and also of a high standard?
  3. Do they have any client testimonials?

If those first 3 criteria are met then it’s onto the next step – creating a short list of companies you want to get in touch with and sending them an e-mail to ascertain some more information. You should ask about their skill set and portfolio and request to get in touch with some of their past clients.

When outsourcing web design, try to find a company who has worked with other companies in your country and contact them directly in addition to speaking to the provided referrals – you want to have honest feedback, rather than a response that has been pre-planned.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on the initial process of finding and choosing an outsource web design company – good luck with your project!

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Author: Richard Jmoore
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