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Painting With Pixels – The Future of Digital Video Production

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Painting With Pixels – The Future of Digital Video Production

How do you make video look like film?

Every element of production from concept to finished product has to be approached with innovation and creativity. This means that whether it is a low budget corporate to a high budget film or TV production the quality cannot be compromised. It is only by utilising the latest digital software available and combining that with passion and creativity that you are able to produce something unique, and raise the standard of digital film making.

Through research into the best example of this i have found a video production company called dynomite productions ltd, who specialize in digital grading for corporate video.

It is my belief that even the high standard corporate video can look cheap and formulaic compared to broadcast and film, and this really shouldn’t be the case. What digital video and digital grading allow you to do is manipulate the image to give it a film look, however it also allows you to take this one step further and use post production software as a canvas, so that you are essentially painting with pixels.

By combining this process with things like animation and motion graphics the final product is not what you would associate with low end or even high end corporate video but with broadcast or even film.

The biggest problem that people face is that they think you have too spend a fortune on the camera and equipment. Its true that in general the more expensive the kit the better the quality however for budding film makers out there, its important to realise that the camera is only a tool and the end result relies on how well you know how to use it and also by applying the post production techniques mentioned above.

Another area that is often overlooked in corporate video is storyboarding. Just because the budget is tight dosen’t mean that it shouldn’t be approached with the same level of professionalism that you would a feature film. There’s some great storyboarding software out there that lets you manipulate the lighting and completely construct the scene before any footage has been filmed.

Another area that has a lot of crossover is animation and video production. We have looked into the use of animation with video and have found that there is no set way to combine the two. Different styles of animation for example 3d animation, illustrated animation, motion graphics can be applied to suit different productions. The important factor is knowing the audience and knowing the customer, it is only by doing this that video effectively works both visually and in delivering the right message.

Dynomite productions are a video and animation production company, creating work for public sector, private sector and broadcast clients.

To see examples of our work please visit:
Alongside the corporate video we also create work for the broadcast industry Every production is approached with innovation and creativity which is only achieved by utilising different production methods such as animation and digital grading In order to find out more about how video could benefit your company contact dynomite productions for a quote.
dynomite productions are a nottingham production company but work throughout the UK.

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