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Part Time Programmer Jobs – Finding Clients

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Part Time Programmer Jobs – Finding Clients

So, how do you find part time programmer jobs? Ok, a lot of us are in this situation, I have a full time job and I’m looking for ways to make more money online. Maybe, I’m looking to make more money because I just married, the economy is rough, I’m bored at my job, too much free time, it could be any reason. As a contractor, I had this question all of the time, and I had it because I actually needed income.

I would always start out the same way. Do any of my clients need extra work? Who do I know that needs extra work? At some point, I would undoubtedly come to the conclusion that I would have to find clients online. So, what could I do to find clients online?

Well, finding part time programmer jobs online can be tricky. Typically, there are 4 options.

  • Option 1: Find a job site and start marketing your skills
  • Option 2: Sign up for quotes on one of the job lead sites.
  • Option 3: Start some type of Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Option 4: Start optimizing your site

If you’re thinking like me all of these choices sound great but they all require money and time. Plus, the amount of time to sell a client takes time as well. And none of these options are going to still guarantee a paying client. So, if we’re lucky, our efforts from the steps above will produce a payment from a client in a minimum of 1 week’s time.

Now, let’s add a twist. What would you do if you had an unlimited number of clients? In fact what would you do if you had so many that you could choose which ones you wanted? In fact, now think about what it would be like if clients you’ve never even heard of before contacted you in hopes that you would help them? Well, I’ve found that solution.

I’ve found affiliate marketing can do this. Yes, I know, it sounds off base. Affiliate marketing is essentially adding web pages to the internet. So, here are the facts. I’m a technical guy. I build websites and hundreds of pages. Creating web pages, working in forums, and searching the internet is easy to me and something I do all day.

So, the question is, how does this relate to finding a part time programmer job? Essentially, all I have to do is enhance some of the skills I use every day. The beauty of it is, I can make sales even when I’m not working. And, because affiliate marketing is so popular, there are thousands of clients because they have nothing to lose. And, by learning how to be an affiliate marketer, I can actually learn how to increase my presence on the internet and get more clients. And, yes, I can market those services back to my clients. It’s a win win situation for everyone from my old clients to my new ones and better yet, for me.

If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and access a group job board for part time programmers, please visit [] site.

Joe Bailey is a full time consultant. He has worked on web sites for companies such as ING, Hallmark, British Airways, Circuit City, etc. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing please click here [].

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