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Reunion Titles Third Year Event Raises Over 17,433 Pounds Of Food For Richardson Charity

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Reunion Titles Third Year Event Raises Over 17,433 Pounds Of Food For Richardson Charity

Welcome. Please understand I take writing this article very seriously. Being a caretaker is a family tradition. I am the messenger telling you about some of the angels of Richardson. Their tireless, compassionate commitment to this charity.

Network is really one of the favorite charities of Richardson. Now why is that you may ask yourself? It is because of their mission statement primarily. Helping low income families in need with food, utility bills, even a free gasoline card.

The reason Network works out so well is they send an SOS out to the community, someone always rises to the challenge in one form or fashion.

Recently, the angels of Richardson, Texas as I fondly call the, including a title company and neighboring realtor companies came out in spades to host an event for Network.. Realtors known as Trail Masters included Keller Williams, Caldwell Banker, Era and Ebby Holiday Did you know Ms. Holliday opened up her fourth office in Richardson? What a visionary!

Paula Richie, a Richardson resident , no longer has an office here but in Firewheel, brought in 4,000 pounds of food.

This was the best time ever to have the event. Right before the drought hits during the summer months. I volunteer there from time to time and I have seen the bare shelves.

I have attended the event and literally was just blown away. I have never seen so much food in my life. The event itself with all the whistles and bells including food,entertainment and other activities for those in attendance was just as awesome an event of this magnitude should be.

Perhaps most of you do not know the event started with a started with a backyard barbecue . This event has become a family tradition, all involved volunteers consider themselves family,and the yearly event has taken on a life of its own.

Thinking an event of this magnitude can be put together with a lick and a promise does not know the real skinny that goes into putting it on. Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes work and more work. Money and lots of it.

It is indeed an honor for a city just 26 square miles to have people so committed. to the challenge to make it happen. This is the spirit of our American generosity at its best.

As a journalist and a Richardson city council political candidate many times over, my opinion is that the economy is not going to get better, but only worsen.

There are many ways to applaud this event.

If I had one wish it would be, a sign saying, “Welcome To Richardson, Texas, “The City With Big Hearts”.

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