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Say Farewell Forever to Cold Calling

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Say Farewell Forever to Cold Calling

Three Proven Methods to Attracting a Steady
Stream of Desirable Customers

It’s been over 40 years since I replaced old-fashioned prospecting grunt work for a 100% measurable way to attract a predictable, reliable stream of ideal clients.

Success at getting qualified clients, customers, or patients has a lot more to do with understanding the real secrets of direct-response marketing – and a lot less to do with chasing after prospects.

Whether you are just getting started or if you’ve been building your business for thirty years, believe me, there’s nothing better than only talking to prospects who have already “raised their hand” – people who are already pre-disposed to specifically TALK TO YOU!

To experience this kind of client attraction, the most important thing you can do for your business right now is to develop a reliable and predictable client, customer or patient “lead generation system.”

A successful lead generation system should have the following components, several of which many (if not MOST) are overlooked by most business people:

#1 A “Slam Dunk” Customer. If you’re trying to target the entire world, you’d better be prepared to go head-to-head with big, dumb companies with billions of dollars to waste in the effort. Going after every possible person who could ever use your service is just plain foolish. Instead, step back and think about those who are your favorite clients. Where do they come from? How do they act? What do they read? How much do they earn? What are their hobbies? What is it about you that grabs their attention and makes them want to do business with you? Get a solid grasp on WHO this person is, WHERE to find them and WHAT it is they truly desire that only you can provide – and for the PRICE you want them to be able to pay. This is a crucial first step to creating a profitable lead generation system.

#2 An Outstanding Lead Generation Magnet. You need to give them a clear reason to contact you and get that reason in front of your “slam dunkers.” It should be something targeted to narrow down your perfect clients from the unwashed masses. This “thing” is an incentive for response we call a lead generation magnet. Many times these are informational in nature, such as reports, guides, books, CDs, webinars or even other kinds of gifts. Obviously, the more desirable the magnet and its offer, the better the response you’ll get.

You generally want something that is directly linked to your business. Here’s an example. An investment company is offering a free road atlas in exchange for a call in appointment. They would do much better offering a free report detailing “The 5 Secrets the IRS Hopes You Never Discover that Can Save the Typical Family $5,000 a Year in Taxes.” Why? It’s a freebie that relates to the services they sell, plus it has appeal and interest to most people. Who wouldn’t want to save a few thousand dollars on taxes.

#3 Answering The “Why Should I?” Question. The question you need to answer is “Why should I do business with you rather than any other option including doing nothing?”

The answer is what is commonly known as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and your lead magnet should make dead solid certain that the factors that make you different are clearly spelled out. This provides fuel to the call-to-action (something else you need in your magnet, do NOT forget that critical piece). Your call-to-action (contact me, call me, email me, go to this website, stop by the store) tells them what you want them to do. It compels them to act without hesitation, knowing that the benefit they seek can only be found with your products or services.

Don’t rely on hope, networking or prospecting grunt work to get customers through your door or to your website. Create a lead generation system that includes these key components and you have a much better chance of getting them to raise their hands and ask for YOU.

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Source: Dan Kennedy