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5 SEO Strategy Tips! – Google Panda + Freshness

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5 SEO Strategy Tips! – Google Panda + Freshness

What is the best SEO strategy out there? Google’s Panda Update Changed Everything. Most of the strategies that you’ll find online will help you get started, but there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” organic SEO strategy. Every website is different: different audience – different goals – and different stages of their SEO campaign. Developing your SEO strategy can be inspiring. But here’s word of caution: Follow the tips I outline below.

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Here’s some additional strategy tips:

SEO Strategy Tip #1 – Website Structure

The first step in any SEO strategy is to evaluate where you stand. Before you make any changes to your site, it’s important to know all the steps you need to take beforehand. Are you going to be moving your site soon? You don’t want to build 1000 links to a page, only to change its URL afterward because you realized it was targeting the wrong keyword. Before you do absolutely anything, create a plan of action and planned blue-print of your site.

This includes Keyword Research. Make a list of all the products that you deliver – then find out what people are searching for regarding those products. Google keyword Tool is a great way to do this. A great strategy to take is to make each page of your site focus on a different (but relevant) Keyword.

Don’t mix topics on your site – try and keep your sections separate and each post categorized by topic.

SEO Strategy Tip #2 – Optimize Existing Content

Next up in any sound SEO strategy would be to optimize your existing content. This includes adding unique keywords to your URLs, Titles, Descriptions, Header Tags and your “H1 tag” That’s the one visitors should see first thing when they land on your page. It is one of the most important factors.

On Page Elements:

When it comes to any SEO strategy the term “on page elements” means just that. Those critical places ON the page that you MUST have your focus keyword phrase – if you want to maximize your ranking power. Because the bots will be looking for them there.

Is the entire top of your website covered in images, videos and ads?  I recommend getting as much unique TEXT content above the fold as possible. What’s Above the fold mean?  It’s a web design term that refers to the placement of valuable information on a page that doesn’t require the user to scroll down to view. This phrase originates from the placement of stories in newspapers – which are typically folded in half. The stories that are above the fold are considered to be of greater importance because they are the first thing readers will see when purchasing a newspaper.

SEO Strategy Tip #3 – Good Content Updated Daily

One good SEO strategy is building your content. Sensational content is best or “Link-bait”. It’s all about how much buzz your content can create.

Since Google’s Panda updates and Fresh Content updates – you really want to write high quality AND high volume content for distribution and back-linking techniques. You’ll get higher quality inbound links and your back-linking properties will be indexed much faster due to the large content weight.

Bigger the better? No more like higher quality the better.

If you think about it every word you write on your website is another opportunity to rank. Some clients I have worked with have over 6 million pages on their site and counting… But it’s not 6 million junk pages – it’s 6 million good pages that count. Some SEO’s would argue but it’s my take away that it’s Click Through Rate and time on page or time on the site in general that adds to the value of pages.

Check out my article Vital SEO TIPs how to make a link bait web page.

Now that you are creating good content daily – you have to syndicate it!

What does syndication mean?
It means blasting out your content. Making it go viral. Social Media is a great way to do this as well as using Article and Press release syndication sites. I recommend PRWEB for press releases and Ezine Articles for article syndication.

If you want a great Social Media Syndication I recommend Only Wire.

SEO Strategy #4: BACK-LINKS!

You need good quality back-links. This video describes the four pillars of SEO:

SEO Strategy Tip #5: Traffic Isn’t Everything – Conversion Is What Counts

What would you rather have – a lot of visits – or a lot of sales?

I’ll say it again – A lot of traffic with no conversion is worthless. We want the sales! We want the time on the site to go up. So focus on that.

Most SEO companies focus on a few keywords and attempt to increase rankings on those keywords. We look beyond rankings when creating and SEO strategy. Our initial focus is on targeting keywords but the bigger picture is generating traffic from search engine and converting that traffic into sales or leads.

Although rank tracking can become an obsession, it’s important to know when your site’s ranking changed because this can inform you which SEO strategy is working well. Google does not necessarily treat every keyword alike, so the strategies that helped your site rank may not necessarily help another site rank. This is why there is no replacement for  keeping your own notes

While there have been books and books and blogs upon blogs written about this subject, hopefully this post helps you understand the basics of what’s behind an effective SEO strategy.

By now, you should have a clearer picture of your overall SEO strategy. Don’t rush the process and focus on quality above all. Others might blaze past you with black hat SEO tactics, but in SEO, sometimes the faster the rise, the harder the fall.

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