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Single Thoughts That Changed My Life…part one

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Single Thoughts That Changed My Life…part one

“A single thought can revolutionize your life as it did mine.  A single thought can make you rich or it can land you in prison for the rest of your life.” – Earl Nightingale

When I heard Earl make this statement, a light bulb went off for me.  I got that you do not necessarily need either genius or persistence nor must you labor for decades in order to enjoy a few prosperous years.  The recognition of an exceptionally valuable thought know no age or time or education or experience barriers or limitations.

My friend Paul Hartunian made a small fortune thanks to a single thought that occurred while watching a new broadcast about repairs being made to the famous Brooklyn Bridge; that people would pay for parts of the old bridge scrap as collectibles; that he could be the first guy to honestly “sell the Brooklyn Bride.”

Napoleon Hill tells the story of the man who revolutionized the grocery industry with the thought of “self-service.”

Ray Kroc look at the McDonald brothers’ thriving hamburger stand and thought: “duplicable.”  These are all very practical applications.  And we could list thousands of similar examples.

I thought you might be interested in the “single thoughts” that, in each case, literally changed my life, so here they are, in approximate order of occurrence.  In the coming weeks I’ll go through each and provide some background or explanation on each.

Dan Kennedy Single Thoughts:

  1. You can create your own reality with your thoughts
  2. You can modify you self-image to suit your goals
  3. The best, most positive attitude in the world is no better than the worst attitude if you do not have ready access to people you can give you money, to use it on
  4. You cannot help anybody by giving them anything for free
  5. You set your price
  6. You can put words on paper and have that go sell for you
  7. Virtually all the manual labor in the prospecting and selling process can be replaced and done better with “tools” and “systems”
  8. “Takeaway Selling”
  9. The power of authernticity
  10. The existence of formulas
  11. How small a bag of tricks you need to be consistently successful
  12. Naked emperors, everywhere you look
  13. Simply, you can set and achieve goal after goal after goal

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Source: Dan Kennedy