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Six Must-Have Strategies For Building Your Business

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Six Must-Have Strategies For Building Your Business


“The mistake everybody makes is they try and get their customers as cheaply as they possibly can.” – Dan Kennedy

THE single, solitary question I’m asked more than ANY other is, “What is the first thing I should do for my business?”

This in general is a bad question because every single business has a different answer depending on where they are at. But I know that’s NOT the answer you’re looking for.  So here IS the correct answer.

There really are six things, if I were buying a business, building a business or starting a business today, knowing what I know now, that I would want as essential component parts of what I was doing.

I wish I did know them 30 years ago…not that things haven’t turned out well, they have. But I still wish I had known them.

These are the six things I absolutely wouldn’t leave home without.  I’ll talk about the first one in detail and I’ll give you the other five as well, just click here and give me your name and email.

  1. Financial Leverage
  2. Place Strategy Advantage
  3. Celebrity or Brand Advantage
  4. Big Idea Advantage
  5. Urgency Leverage
  6. Process Advantage

So let’s talk about the first one.

Financial Leverage

Here’s the number one marketing mistake almost everybody makes and smart people, even though they have heard this and nod when they hear it, continue to make this mistake.

It’s a battle I fight with clients who are fairly fledgling in their enterprises. It’s a battle I fight with clients who have been around for 10 and 20 years. It’s a battle I fight with relatively small business owner clients. It’s a battle I fight with the really big business clients I have.

It is NOT a battle driven by lack of resources or money or tight budget. So it’s not about money. I think it’s important for you to know that.

I have the same ongoing fight with a client that does almost two billion a year in revenue and fundamentally could spend virtually any amount of money, any way they chose. And I have the same conversation with somebody who’s got a bag of pennies and is trying to get going.

If you think you’re resource-limited, you think that’s why you make this mistake; but really, it is a mental mistake.

It’s not a money mistake and it has to be fixed in how you think before you’ll ever fix it in money.

So here’s the mistake EVERYBODY makes.

They try and get their leads, their customers, their clients, their patients as cheaply as they possibly can.

That’s their chosen mission and they evaluate everything they do based on the raw, simple, relative cost of getting a lead, customer, client or patient by doing it and they are very easily attracted by the cheapest, or apparently cheapest, thing to do like moths to a light in the dark.

They deprive themselves of the biggest single advantage you can have in the marketplace, which is the ability and willingness to outspend every direct competitor for the attention and interest of your clientele.

If you try and attract people as cheaply as you possibly can, what happens? You can only do a very limited number of things.

If you can outspend everybody:

  • The horizontal range of things you can do expands dramatically.
  • The aggressiveness with which you can do it expands dramatically.

You can buy speed; you can buy growth; you can create discouragement for competitors which, as an aside, is a very good strategy.

If your economics are right, you can even temporarily do things you know do nothing, just to discourage competitors and factor it into your averages.

But if your economics aren’t right, you can’t play that game.

In my special report, “Six Must-Have Strategies For Buying, Building and Starting Your Own Business” I show you how to get better customers, clients or patients using financial leverage and the five other items I’ve previously mentioned.

You can get this report, and two others for free, simply by exchanging your name and email for these six game-changing strategies.

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Six Must-Have Strategies For Buying, Building, and Starting Your Own Business

Source: Dan Kennedy