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Social and Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day

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Social and Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day


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Date & Time: Thursday, April 9th at 10am PT

Duration: 1 hr

Session: Social Media and Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day

As social signals continue to influence search, it’s important for hotels and businesses to have a robust presence in social media channels. However, it’s not enough to just have profiles, but ongoing content marketing on these channels is a must to maximize ROI. One of the smartest moves any hotel or business can make is to make sure it has a well-thought-out plan, strategy, and execution. But with so many channels in the social space, how can one decide which channels to focus on and how to manage social media marketing with limited time? This webinar will cover:

  1. How social media works with search?
  2. Ideas to integrate your electronic channels for maximum benefit
  3. Which social media channels are most important?
  4. How can you improve engagement?
  5. Measuring what’s important to your hotel

Krista Malchow, Business Development Manager



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