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What Is Social Marketing? + Check Out This Info-graphic

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What Is Social Marketing? + Check Out This Info-graphic

What Is Social Marketing?

Social Marketing is defined as getting your name or company products known and talked about by others.

You see, before the Internet – there were only three REAL mediums for Marketing… TV, PRINT and RADIO – how simple was that?

Some Google Engineers wrote a very eye opening report about the “ZMOT” or (The Zero Moment Of Truth) – What this basically means is that there is a whole new “research” step added to the buying cycle – where people will no longer (or rarely) just buy items off the TV – most people will actually research items on the Internet BEFORE THEY BUY. Thus your website must cater to the Zero Moment Of Truth and look good to consumers. (Also called Reputation Management).

Today it looks more like this:

Social Marketing Info Graphic

History of Social Marketing Info-Graphic

History of Social Marketing

Every Business has to go through a change every five years or so – or at least notice how the public and the field have changed. If you have not taken the Internet into consideration, be ready to be blown away by your competition… The future Internet Hurricane could make the past look like a cool breeze.

So how does one take the steps necessary to grow in these different times: easy – “Exponential GROWTH” – by focusing on every channel.

It works like this: If you take each sliver above and grew you business in each one by 10% – i.e. grew your Facebook leads by 10% – grew your Twitter leads by 10% and grew each of the other sources here by 10% you would have exponential growth – we are talking about 10-20-30% on up. That is how we do it at World Class Media – we are a one stop shop for Social Media Marketing.

Here is a little 2 minute video about how we do it…

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