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Best Social Media Campaigns Online? Have You Any Of These Symptoms?

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Best Social Media Campaigns Online? Have You Any Of These Symptoms?

Event Social Media Marketing

Event Social Media Marketing

You are probably a little frustrated at the different media channels these days – you may be asking yourself “Does Any Marketing Work?” (Examine this info-graphic). It used to be soooo simple: Print, TV and Radio three main ways to increase your traffic. Nowadays so many people have DVR’s and TiVo’s so they fast forward through commercials, many people have Satellite Radio so they don’t hear commercials – and let’s not even mention Print and magazines. Now there are so many slivers to the pie – Google Adwords, G+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest on and on. Every company has to adapt.

Good NEWS is – I’m going to tell you what does work. Our company has been very successful and I’m going to tell you my four secrets to making your marketing work these days as well as let you in on what I did to increase my own clientele over 200% in three months.

I have worked on many of the Top Websites – with Millions of visitors per week. For example: Best Buy increased their conversions over 30% by a special type of coding on their website.

Here’s my strategy on how to use modern channels to grow your business. And let me show you what I think is the best Social Media Campaign out there. (After this video).

Best Social Media Campaign Online:

Our Strategy

This is our four-step approach:

1. Maximize what already exists.

  • 70 point inspection to get each site set-up with proper code and the proper structure implemented for best results.
  • Crawl each of the sites so that all pages are corrected for SEO purposes this includes: correct Titles, Descriptions, Meta data – all based on keywords on every page.
  • Establish software that will collect, organize and respond to each lead uniting all websites and funneling them to one person to respond and close them.

There are only three ways to grow business on the Internet:

– Increase your number of Clients.
– Increase size of transactions by Clients.
– Increase the frequency of transactions by Clients.

2. Internet Geometric Growth (10%x10%x10%… etc.).

  • Get Social Media buttons added to each of the sites.
  • Get Social Media accounts set up on 30 different social networks.
  • Get an article posted every day to each site automatically.
  • Get all staff to +1, Like on FB, Tweet and “Pintrest” each article every day.
  • Create a NEWS site that pushes users to top News and Information on the site.

3. Incorporate the successful actions of others outside your industry: 

  • Referral program to focus on the proper public and correct industry leaders.
  • Figure out how to implement top 93 successful referral systems online using the staff, public and the public’s connections.

4. Every product can have referral systems under it – every product can have it’s own geometric growth. And that is how you make things go “Viral”.

Note: Don’t put your eggs in one basket! – You should have multiple ways to get new leads in – incase one of them gets changed or altered  or stopped – you still have 29 other ways to get leads in.

  • Each of these products that you can also produce can also be broken down into sub categories and our secret sauce applied to each product or sub product you want to focus on.
  • Work out Geometric growth on each sub-product.

Press Release Link Building

NEWSWIRE reports that If you have a Press Release with over 300 words of Text, Video, Info-graphic and a download – you are likely to get a 78% increase in views and that could mean 78% more clients.

Note: You Tube is the second largest search engine (gets more searches than Bing and Yahoo combined). Not many SEO firms do video, image editing, Info-Graphics and syndication. In fact, I know of no SEO firms that offer these services.

Online Leads Strategy: Improving Website Best-practices to increase “Natural Searches” as well as Pay Per Click improvement – Increase Search Engine Rank Using Press Releases, Articles, Videos, Images and Social Media – while at the same time building excellent high quality links to drive high-quality traffic.

I’ll Bet 90% Of Your Business Comes From “Word Of Mouth”:

Don’t Forget An Offline Leads Strategy: In addition to Online Marketing – We have a secret sauce – We will help you discover the secret that lies hidden in your existing and past public  and contacts using World Class Media’s confidential social media marketing program – we will at the same time increase leads through other channels – including past clients, multiple referral sources and creating an effective word of mouth system for attaining new clients.

This is what we recommend: 1. We will optimize your website to get every page to ideal . 2. We will help create (press-release – 1 a week) and blog articles every day including videos, images and info-graphics (note: content may be an issue). We will place the videos on four or more top video networks, including YouTube and your own Video Blog. We will “syndicate” or “blast out” these videos & articles and reach thousands of people. This would all be based on keyword research done on our end.

Best Social Media Campaign Online

Best Social Media Campaign Online

Now beat that.


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