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Social Media Marketing Company – How A New Code Doubled My Traffic

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Social Media Marketing Company – How A New Code Doubled My Traffic


Social Media Marketing Company:

Let me show you what we do here at World Class Media – and how we do it. Plus we will also talk about a relatively new coding called Google Authorship and how it has doubled some of my clients traffic (after the video). Enjoy…

Social Media Marketing Company: How A New Kind Of Coding Doubled My Traffic – by World Class Media:

Okay – so we all know that quality signals affect search engine rankings – right? And we inadvertently know that click through rate is king in terms of PPC and (in part) SEO. So now imagine that you could increase click through rate & add user quality signals to almost everything you write on the Internet? Well – now you can – with a nice smiling picture of you. (Unless your picture frightens people away – in which case I may discourage you.) Read on to learn an easy way to do this.

Google has released a very FAST way to indicate you are the author of a piece of content – as simple as pasting a hyperlink in your text. All you have to do is add rel=”author” with a link to your Google profile – wait a little bit for Google to find it – and ‘Viola!’ Google may even place your picture next to your article – for example:

Social Media Marketing Company - How a New Code Doubled My Traffic

How a New Code Doubled My Traffic

Increase Click Through Rate With Google Authorship

Just think about it – the possibilities are almost endless… For example – you can use this in Social Media Marketing by placing this link in your posts. You can use it to promote your own blog. How cool is that?

An age-old problem for Google has been to verify – who the first one was to write content and who the true source is. There are so many scrapers and spinners out there that good original quality is hard to find. So what if I told you that you could potentially have your picture next to every post and web page you made. The answer is Authorship. I’m applauding Google’s Quality team for coming up with this one – Thank You to Othar Hansson and the quality team.

 Google Authorship

This is fairly easy to do – these are the steps:

1. Create a Google profile (or Google Plus Profile)

2. Add a link to your site in your Google profile links (a link must exist to your site for this to work)

3. Upload a clear picture of your face (note: Google is using facial recognition)

4. Copy your Profile link full URL) and number – See example in step 5:

5. On your site: Add this simple example hyperlink to your Bio & articles (replace name & number):

<a href=”″ rel=”author”>Charles Verhoeff +</a>

“Your link must contain the ?rel=author parameter – and your anchor text must start or end with a + character. (You don’t need to be a Google+ user to do this – and you can use any anchor text you want.) If either of these is missing – Google won’t be able to associate your content with your Google Profile.”

Social Media Marketing Company - How a New Code Doubled My Traffic

Social Media Marketing Company

6. Verify you did it right here:

7. Last but not least – The final step is to submit your Authorship to Google here:

That’s it – you’re done!

P.S. If you are still confused – check out these videos:

Short and sweet version:


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