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Social Media Outlets Secrets – How To Use Social Media For Business

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Social Media Outlets Secrets – How To Use Social Media For Business

In this Article we will discuss three of my favorite ways to get Clients.

Perhaps – you may not believe it – but you can actually increase your Clients by at least 30% – here’s how (keep reading).

What are the best Social Media Management Tools?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are household names, and lacking a presence on these social media giants is no longer an option. Our team has years of experience working on social media campaigns large and small.

What if you were getting clients through all of these sources?



Facebook: How To Use Social Media for Business

Facebook remains the largest Social Media site. It has grown Internationally without competition.

Facebook hosts more than 7 million apps + more than 20 million apps are downloaded every day. Only about 25 percent of Facebook users live in North America with 70 languages being used around the world. The Facebook team have again moved the goalposts with regards to design. This time the affected area relates to Facebook Business pages.Consider using Facebook to make a professional hub for your business.


Advertisers can tap into that knowledge base and hyper-target customers. Leads you get from Facebook can be extremely qualified and inexpensive if you know how to reach the right people. Advertising does very little to bring in business. Email marketing isn’t doing too well either.

Twitter: Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

Twitter is designed for the busy online-user whose reading style is to quickly browse. With an artfully crafted 2-3 sentence update, your followers will always know what’s new with your business and any promotions you are running. Twitter can provide you and your business with an immediate link to the world, putting you in front of potential customers who may never have known about you before. Less people walk down the high street or pick up the Yellow Pages now; and more people use the internet and social media to find what they want. Twitter is changing the meaning of quick-communication. Well, not only in personal communication but also in business communication, Twitter has managed to gain a massive following of users.

Tip: Update your tweets daily.

Linkedin: Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

LinkedIn is a social networking site that concentrates on the professional side of its members. It is a business oriented network site that allows its users to be professional and interactive with each other. LinkedIn has a treasure of data not just about people, but how people are making their money and what industries they are working in and how they connect to each other.

LinkedIn is business network and is considered as the world’s largest with more than 100 million members and still growing. This website provides its users with instant connection with trusted contacts. LinkedIn IS a powerful tool. It has helped me network with new and old colleagues and even assisted me with finding new customers.

Consider regularly adding every one of your clients to your Linkedin network – and regularly update them on activities your company is taking…

Let me show you how we increase our leads through Social Media: Check out this video.

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