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Sony Dash and Chrome Store: Two Examples of Awesome Website Design

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Sony Dash and Chrome Store: Two Examples of Awesome Website Design

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you’re hitting a wall with your website design, you might just need to follow by example. You don’t want to copy another website in this case, but simply to be inspired by their web design techniques, from innovative use of flash graphics to expert simplicity.

Read on for two of the most successful examples of commercial web design currently online. And be prepared to get inspired — these small business websites are impressive:

Sony Dash Launch Page

Creating a cool new product is great and all, but it’s only the first step of a successful business venture; even if you’re a big electronics manufacturer like Sony, a company that recently turned heads with its new handheld internet viewer, the Sony Dash. The second step? Website design.

Facilitating portable access to entertainment, information, and communication tools through an ever-expanding selection of apps, the Sony Dash is a definitely a neat find. But as humanity has already made it several millennia without such a product, the company needed to use web design to convince its visitors that the Dash was essential.

Enter the launch page: a flash-based, interactive display of the Dash’s potential utility. The page allows users to travel to four locations: The Bedroom, The Kitchen, The Family Room, and World of Dash (i.e., the world), with each portal offering a compelling flash animation of different ways that the Dash can be used. Below the animation, Sony explains the Dash more precisely through static pictures and images.

Chrome Web Store

Search engine giant Google is known for its simplistic website design; just compare their homepage to those of competitors Yahoo! or Bing. So for the search engine’s new Chrome Web Store, a showcase of the applications, extensions, and themes for Google’s Chrome browser, the company maintained its minimalistic aesthetic.

The Chrome Store website design features a simple white background and primarily blue color scheme, with blue links and menu headers. It also includes a rotating banner, top center, showcasing some of the most popular downloads. The menus are well organized to display choice categories like the most popular paid downloads and the staff favorites, as well as filters to list the downloads by purpose and season.

Whether you’re interested in creating a fancy flash website or a minimalistic website design based in HTML, the aforementioned small business websites should help you get started with your own design ideas. Remember that website design is relevant in a variety of forms, from Facebook welcome tabs to WordPress website design for blogging. Good luck! offers affordable web design services perfect for small business websites. Whether you’re looking to revamp your current site or start something new, our WordPress website design is sure to please!

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