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SuperConference 2022 – Day 1 Recap

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SuperConference 2022 – Day 1 Recap

Well, day ONE of SuperConference has just about wrapped up and as I imagined, it’s been a BLAST!

If you were here, you know – you experienced it LIVE.

If you weren’t here, we hope to see you next year… in the meantime, here are some “Writer Downers” from today’s event:

Dan Kennedy:

* Most advertising is BORING! You must become more interesting and stimulating in what you offer to your prospects and lists.

* Case-In-Point:  Donald Trump is producing a TV show, while everyone else is running a political campaign. Hmmmmmmm…

* Serious opportunities lurk when there are sea-shifts in public discussion. Back in the 1920s, people started to discuss things about their bodies in public. IMMEDIATELY, smart advertisers invented “Halitosis” and “Athlete’s Foot” – solving problems no one before ever knew existed.

* The biggest fear most people have isn’t death or even serious illness… it’s EMBARRASSMENT. Try twisting the knife on that in your copy, as in “When I discovered I had halitosis, I could’ve died of embarrassment!”

* Ask – “How can I make this offer IRRESISTIBLE?”  Can it pass the magnifying glass test, in other words, if printed on 8 point type is the offer so compelling that you’d grab a magnifying glass to keep reading?

* Look for “Gold in the Old” – there’s a treasure trove of proven advertisements from days gone by. Don’t miss the chance to check them out and learn from them.

Becky Auer:

* Always look for ways to give your customers something to talk about. Be bold, dynamic, creative, different.

* In line with that, always look for ways to up the ante in terms of the experience you provide customers. E.G., She would stick sparklers in pineapples and let the customer bang a gong to honor their birthday. Big. Splashy. Noisy. Fun.

* Don’t hang around with stupid, lazy, unmotivated people who hold you back and drag you down. (SuperConference is EXACTLY the right place to come to and experience.)

* Take ACTION.

Rick Harrison (from Pawn Stars):

* I figured I could do anything in business, seize any opportunity… what’s the worst that could happen? I could fail. So what.

* When designing my pawn shop I was going head to head against HUGE corporations. You can’t compete against Wal-Mart on their terms. So I focused on making my place the Tiffanys of pawn shops.

* Always seize opportunities – always look for holes in the market.

* Get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s where you need to be.

* When negotiating, always remember – if the deal’s not good, walk away. Period.

* Don’t chase a business into bankruptcy. If it’s clearly a loser, let it go.

Dave Dee:

Money Making Commandment #1 – Always present an offer. Too many times an ad or a marketing piece overlooks this CRITICAL element. Don’t send anything out without some kind of offer.

Money Making Commandment #2 – Always present a reason to act now. Don’t let them go all Homer Simpson on you. They’ll stay on the couch forever. Give them a real, significant reason to take you up on that offer NOW.

Money Making Commandment #3 – Always include very C-L-E-A-R instructions on how to respond. Don’t goof this up by being vague or indecisive. Step 1, do this. Step 2, do that. Step 3, press submit and take this rascal home today!

Kim Walsh-Phillips:

* Whenever you say YES to something, realize that you are at the same time saying NO to something else. Always act with purpose and according to a strategy.

* In Social Media (specifically Facebook), move away from “free reports” to instead asking for a sale (even a $1 sale) as early as possible. You don’t want likes or leads – you want BUYERS.

* Remember – they don’t care about your specialized/patented process, they care about how your process makes their life better.


* Start keeping a list of fun YouTube video links. Then, every so often when communicating with your list, include the link in the email with something like “Hey, I just wanted to share something fun with you. Check out this video.”  By sharing the video, you move away from being a “company” to a FRIEND who shares fun stuff.  

That’s a great place to be.


* More Dan Kennedy (of course)
* Loral Langemeier on creating a wealth-building team
* Breakouts on Video Marketing, Local Search Optimization, EZ Copywriting, and LOTS more!

Wish you were here.

Source: Dan Kennedy