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[SuperConference 2022 RECAP] Day 1 is in the books…

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[SuperConference 2022 RECAP] Day 1 is in the books…

Bruno the Bull coming to you live from the Wealth by Entrepreneurship and by Marketing SuperConference…

I’ve got to say, as a bull I had my reservations about coming to Texas (with rodeo’s being the state sport and all), but I’m sure glad I’m here in the room.

Maybe you had reservations about coming too? Well, whatever the reason, put it on your calendar now to join me and the rest of the No B.S. Inner Circle family at next year’s SuperConference.  I guarantee you won’t regret it!

In the meantime, if you were unable to join us at SuperConference, here’s what you missed yesterday on Day 1…

Dan Kennedy kicked things off in the Wealth Zone with his first presentation: 5 Things No One Else Will Tell You About MONEY, That You Desperately Need To Know. Instead of focusing on philosophical, psychological stuff – Dan covered pragmatic, actionable secrets. Attendees exited with things to do, not things to think – focused on powerful trainings about money and wealth.

A couple of the things that really resonated with me were:

You have to get out of your own way when it comes to money.

Money is not concerned with who has it. You can’t force it to go somewhere it doesn’t want to go.

Another big idea was that money moves because of commercialization, not invention. Those who commercialize an idea are the ones who get wealthy.

He also said that more fortunes lack a grand scheme behind them than had them. Wealthy people become rich by doing the highest value work day in, day out. So, don’t worry if you don’t have everything figured out yet – just keep doing the work. Keep implementing stuff and you’ll get there.

When Dan finished, Adam recognized No B.S. Inner Circle member Gayle Carson with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Gail is the longest continuous Diamond Member and has attended more events than anyone else!

We also heard about a NEW member benefit which I’m super pumped about where David Spindler will be doing a Magnetic Marketing interview series every month with No B.S. Legends! This will be video based so you’ll be able to see examples and see Magnetic Marketing working in the highest and best forms.

Next Adam Witty shared the story about how Advantage came to team up with Forbes to create Advantage|ForbesBooks, which was a testament to the Magnetic Marketing philosophy in and of itself. (There is definitely something to this Magnetic Marketing stuff!)

After that Adam brought up Steve Forbes.  Steve shared his knowledge and insights on capitalism, free markets, and a healthy economy.  Here are a few take-aways from Steve’s presentation:

  • – Knowledge can’t be destroyed.
  • – A vibrant economy will always provide new things and new jobs for people to do.
  • – A wealthier society provides more opportunity.
  • – Remove the barriers and we will all have a more fulfilling life.


And the Diamond and Coaching Members, as well as our Magnetic Marketing Advisors had the opportunity to meet and take their photo with Steve following his speech!

Following lunch, Dave Dee graced the stage to discuss the Power of Copy Unleashed. Dave was once a struggling entertainer, a magician and mentalist (mind reader), he discovered the power of marketing and his business exploded. Dave shared how to develop newfound power and confidence so that you can get your message out to more people, to generate a FLOOD of sales, more leads and make a LOT of money.

One of our No B.S. Legends, Chris Tomshack, who is the founder of the largest chiropractor franchise in the world shared his inspiring story and how he grew his company. He had great tips for all different levels of entrepreneurs everything from marketing tips to how to grow your company to how having mentors and coaching impacted his business to how to identify if your business is good for franchising.

So many great tips from Chris – from using newsjacking to get free PR to why hiring a COO was one of the best decisions he ever made.

Chris said even if you are the CEO of your business, you should never abdicate all of your marketing. He still works on marketing one hour every day.

He also shared that you must upgrade your team as you grow. He said NOT doing this cost him millions. And warned that the person you fail to fire is the person who will destroy your business. Now Chris uses a professional recruiter to hire people and never places ads.

Adam Witty interviewed Ken Fisher, America’s money manager next. There is no way to even put into words what this was like. Ken unveiled how he built Fisher Investments into a Multi-Billion Dollar Business from just $250 despite the fact his family didn’t expect him to be a success. He covered a lot of ground in his time on stage from how to be a good CEO (Show up, be visible, and focus on your customers) to why he has his company located in states where there is no income tax to his firm’s advertising and marketing “machine” which  includes use of LGM’s (Lead Generation Magnets), Magnetic Marketing®, Print Media, TV, Direct Mail and Sales Representatives.

Three things that really stuck out for me that Ken shared were:

  • – Look for what your competitors are not yet doing – and do it.
  • – Hearing Ken talk about the things he’s done to build his credibility…including writing 11 books and having the longest running column in Forbes.
  • – “Quitting is good.” Ken said as an entrepreneur you should quit as much as you can, as fast as you can by hiring people to do the things you aren’t good at and delegating as fast as possible.


The last speaker for the evening was top woman business builder Cordia Harrington who left everyone totally inspired as she told her story of how she built her empire starting with just $587.  When it comes to wealth attraction, money reacts to certain actions taken by you but ignores you should you fail to take those actions. At SuperConference, Cordia shared how she seized those opportunities, excelling in the manufacturing, transportation, restaurant, real estate and construction industries.

Following Cordia’s presentation, it was time for me to shine … I took photos with attendees… and everyone got to participate in our No B.S. Book Signing with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, get questions answered during the Round Tables hosted by several industry experts and of course there was lots of networking and deals being made between members. One member told me he had made two huge deals already – worth far more than what he invested to be here!

Now it’s time for day 2 and I can’t wait to see what I discover today!

I’ll fill you in later!

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