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Taking Over Newsfeeds Globally

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Taking Over Newsfeeds Globally


You probably have heard that “video is the new king of content”.  It wasn’t long ago when posts with photos and links on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus business pages were the best way to reach a larger audience and increase engagement.  With the rise of the SoLoMo (Social, Local and Mobile) trend, more people are using mobile devices to access social media channels and are more interested in locally-relevant information.  In 2022, social media promotion and video go hand in hand and companies can no longer ignore the importance of video.  Therefore, companies on social media should respond to the ever changing behavior of their consumers and craft social media strategies to include locally relevant video content.

With the new Facebook Video feature social media posts with video content are taking over Facebook’s newsfeed.  The video posts are driving a higher organic reach versus image only posts, 8.7% vs. 3.7%.  Facebook also released new video metrics that provide great insights into your ongoing social media effort.  Milestone recommends developing short videos (up to 30 secs) to share with your Facebook fans to increase engagement and friends.  The costs associated with these videos are very limited, mobile phones produce a high enough quality, so your focus should lie with making a concise video that will resonate with your followers and able to be easily shared.  Once you upload a video to Facebook you can optimize it via Facebook Video Feature for higher engagement.  To invite views to take further action and explore more visual content you can add a Call to Action “Watch More, Book Now”.

Facebook Video

A Milestone client, Hilton Eugene, took advantage of the video feature by announcing the winner of their Mothers Day Facebook Newsfeed contest.  They developed a 24 second video on their mobile device, shot the video in the hotel’s kitchen with the chef announcing the winner.  The video format made the content relatable and captured the attention of viewers in a way a text or picture post could not. The video generated great buzz (207 views in less than a week) and terrific engagement (101 Post clicks and 44 Likes, Comments and shares).



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