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The #1 Skill That Will Create the MOST Value to Your Business…

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The #1 Skill That Will Create the MOST Value to Your Business…

There is ONE skill that every business owner/entrepreneur needs to develop in order to create the most long term value for his or her business.

And no, it isn’t accounting, technical know-how, or even the best way to use Social Media…  it’s actually much simpler: 


And if the basic notion of writing a sales letter sends shivers down your spine like fingernails scraping a blackboard – relax. You know your business better than anyone else. And you know how to communicate its virtues better than anyone else.

Even better – unless your competitors are tossing big numbers at hiring the very BEST A-Level copywriters on the planet to devastate any and all comers, odds favor the fact that little old you can craft a pretty darned good, pretty darned effective piece of copy.

You see you don’t HAVE to be the BEST copywriter. Remember this old joke… two guys hunting in the wood encounter an angry grizzly bear. One guy takes off immediately, the other stops to put on his tennis shoes. The other guy says, “What are you doing, you can’t outrun a Grizzly!” “I don’t have to outrun the bear.  I just have to outrun you!”

So don’t let the idea of writing COPY scare you – putting together a functional sales letter that outshines the competition is actually easier than you think. Here are some key things to consider when beginning the writing process:

1.) Don’t be intimidated by the idea or process of writing. There’s no magic, or genius, or Harvard degree required.

2.) Recognize and appreciate the value and power of your unique understanding of your business and its products, services and customers.

3.) Think “SELLING” – if you have successful sales experience, GREAT! Writing a sales letter much like sitting down at the kitchen table with Bob and Betty Consumer and just talking over what they want and finding a way to get it to them. Don’t get hung up on fancy words, slick sentences, none of that. Just sell.

4.) Just write. Just start writing and don’t worry about sounding elegant, intelligent, any of that. Get it down on paper. Write like you talk. Just write and write and write. Get the letter done.

5.) Avoid perfectionism. In most businesses, for most purposes, you don’t need a perfect sales letter to get good results. Follow a proven formula like “PROBLEM-AGITATE-SOLVE” and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.  

Now I can’t guarantee you’ll get insanely great results – but I can make a virtual certain bet that if you follow these guidelines, you should be able to produce copy capable of fairly respectable results.

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Source: Dan Kennedy