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The 5 “Tools of the Mind” You Need to Become a Millionaire Thinker

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The 5 “Tools of the Mind” You Need to Become a Millionaire Thinker

When most people think about money, they’re thinking about it in negative ways: worry, budget-wrestling, can’t afford, jealousy of others.

So in matters involving the attraction of wealth and opportunity, the DOMINANT thoughts that clutter the grey matter of most are all repellent.   Indeed, when Napoleon Hill wrote, “Thoughts are things,” he meant and went on to explain that dominant thoughts are things. And that is the secret of Think and Grow Rich.

Instead – through rigorous discipline and practice – you need to replace these negative influences on your subconscious mind with positive alternatives. Such a turnaround can have a profound effect.

In and of themselves, mere thoughts don’t somehow “magically” conjure up cash on the barrelhead. But by leveraging these thoughts to initiate substantive, constructive ACTIONS you can in fact kickstart your journey to better finances and a better life.

Here are 5 specific “tools of the mind” that I’ve found useful in helping to shape my own thinking in a much more positive, wealth-attracting manner.

  1. Planning. The discipline of either ending or beginning each morning with about 30 minutes devoted exclusively to planning the goals, objectives, activities, meetings and conversations of the day is an excellent practice. This focuses your attention on productive matters and it gives your subconscious mind powerful directions and instruction.
  2. Environment. I know people who’ve started with nothing and built great empires. True Horatio Alger, rags-to-riches kinds of stories. But one thing I’ve noticed common to those people was that they did their very best to make what little they had into a positive work and living environment. You can’t do million dollar thinking in an environment that makes you feel like a failure. Even if your means are limited, do what you can to make your environment as good as it can possibly be.
  3. Reading. Data Processing experts say input governs output. So to be a million-dollar thinker, you’ve got to regularly give yourself input of that kind of quality and value. My regular reading list includes at least a book a week, over a dozen commercial magazines, a dozen more specialized trade magazines, and a couple dozen newspapers, some of which cost in excess of hundreds of dollars a year. Serious wealth builders HAVE to consume massive quantities of carefully selected information.
  4. The Right Activities. The million-rollar thinker does a great job at separating the important from the trivial when deciding upon what to focus their time and talents. Remember, that we define productivity as the use of your time, talent, energy, intelligence, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably close to meaningful goals. One successful businessman once told me, “I can tell the depth of your commitment by the ease of your diversions.”
  1. The Right Associations. There’s a principle of association that you can predict a person’s future by evaluating the books he reads, the media he watches, and listens to, and the people he hangs out with. There’s an awful amount of truth in that. There’s really no such thing as an innocuous conversation, a TV program on for just the noise, a card game with the guys just to relax. Because from all those situations, like all other situations, input is collected, stored, accumulated, merged/purged, and used by your subconscious mind.

Bottom line: what you do, where you do it, who you do it with, and what you think while you’re in process ALL work together to program your mind towards some kind of results.

Recognizing this fact – and implementing “tools of the mind” as described above – can give you the means to achieve more control over the direction that programming takes you.

Note: By applying these “tools of the mind” to your life, without a doubt a flood of opportunities will begin to present themselves. If helping others attain their goals and dreams – and getting rewarded in a significant way for doing so – then you should consider leveraging your skills as a consultant-coach. Click here to discover the fastest, easiest way (along with my own “Secret Sauce”) to make that happen.

Source: Dan Kennedy