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The BEST Kind Of Guarantee. Hint…It’s NOT “Money-Back”]

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The BEST Kind Of Guarantee. Hint…It’s NOT “Money-Back”]

Weak, wimpy or “ordinary” offers cannot be expected to produce exceptional results.  That’s simply unreasonable.  Yet most marketers put forward mundane offers then grumble about the disappointing results from their advertising.  It’s NOT the advertising’s fault.

The trick is to get to the “I’d be a damned fool if I said ‘no’ to this” point. 

And that’s just what is done here.

Over the last week or so GKIC has be sharing content from Josh Turner, who just released the “Appointment Generator” system today. 

I know nothing about the product, but the fact is, if I were looking for more appointments, I don’t need to know anything about it to make a buying decision because he’s got me to the “’I’d be a damned fool if I said ‘no’ to this” point.

Josh is not JUST offering  a 30 day money-back guarantee like most do.  Instead he has two much more powerful guarantees.

  • First is his ‘We Won’t Let You Fail’ 15+ Appointments per Month Guarantee.  It promises 1-on-1 help if you’re not getting a certain number of new appointments a month.  This in and of itself is pretty compelling.

  • Second though is his “Double Your Money Back Guarantee.”  This one I’ve used time and time again for my own events (offering as high as 5x your money back).  PLUS he combines it with an ROI Promise.

Check out exactly what I mean, click here.

People buy by emotion but must support their actions with some kind of logic.  The BEST guarantee is the “return on investment” guarantee.  I call it: selling money at a discount.

This case is built on “making” or “saving” or both.  For example, in his system he guarantees to DOUBLE your investment in the program.  That means if you invest you’re guaranteed to get a 200% ROI either by following the system, OR, if you follow the system and don’t get a 200% ROI he’ll give you your investment back PLUS an extra $2,000.

Like I said before, if I were looking for more new business “I’d be a damned fool if I said ‘no’ to this.” 

Plus GKIC is gonna make this ‘brain-dead-simple’ decision even easier by giving you my $1,997 product “Renegade Millionaire System” where you’ll discover the radically different blueprint used by Renegade Millionaires to start and build businesses from scratch with little or no relevant education or apprenticeship, delivered to you digitally.

To see the other fast-action bonuses Josh is also including (worth more than $1,194) click here or risk being a…well let’s just agree saying ‘no’ to this is a bad decision.

NOTE: Nearly 35 years ago, I created the created the ‘free eyeglasses replacement’ guarantee for a small chain of stores – producing their most successful advertising campaign in history.  The strategy was quickly picked up by Pearl.  You should NEVER under estimate the power of guarantee.  

It is my conviction, and advice, that, if you are selling something you cannot strongly and fairly guarantee, you ought to find something better to sell.  And incidentally, our life would be dramatically improved if everybody had to guarantee EVERYTHING they took money from people for.

Josh does this here in no small quantities and while a “double your money back guarantee” could seem risky, Josh knows (not thinks) his Appointment Generator system works, so while he’s making a gigantic promise, it’s removes ALL risk from the consumer, while adding very little risk to him. 

Click here and check it out and see if you can offer this kind of guarantee.



Source: Dan Kennedy