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The Essential Guide to Growing Your Startup with Inbound Marketing [SlideShare]

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The Essential Guide to Growing Your Startup with Inbound Marketing [SlideShare]

download-1Trying to get found as a startup is no easy task. Not many people know your business, your team is small, and you’re working tirelessly to get your brand’s name out there.

When you’re starting from scratch, it can be tempting to push your message with advertising, email blasts to purchased lists, cold calling, trade shows. But interruptive marketing techniques have been losing effectiveness for years now, so many startups end up wasting a lot of time and money on noise people have learned to ignore.

There’s another way: You can create marketing people love to bring people to you.

Now, if you know anything about our founder/CTO Dharmesh Shah, you know he’s really passionate about helping startups use marketing to earn the love of their prospects. He’s also really into — and really good at — making epic slide decks. (Ever seen Culture Code? Dharmesh spent hundreds of hours on that deck, and it now has over 1.3 million views.)

Well my friends, here is Dharmesh’s brand new deck on startup marketing, which he recently originally published on LinkedIn and his blog, OnStartups. The new deck is a visual guide for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business using SEO, blogging, and social media.

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A Few Tweetable Takeaways

“Marketing doesn’t have to be sleazy. Create helpful content and bring people to you.” (Click to tweet!)

“Stop worrying someone will steal your idea. Worry instead about how you’re going to get customers, a team, and funding.” (Click to tweet!)

“If you wait until after your product is out to start marketing, you waited too long.” (Click to tweet!)

“You won’t win prospects’ attention with bigger ads or a big booth at a tradeshow.” (Click to tweet!)

“Don’t try to outspend the incumbent. Startups need to find marketing that gives you leverage.” (Click to tweet!)

“In the early years of a startup, everyone in the company should be selling & marketing.” (Click to tweet!)

“Startups should use social media as an amplifier for awesome content.” (Click to tweet!)

“Spend ALL available calories on making your product better & helping your customers.” (Click to tweet!)

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Source: Hubspot