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The five types of sales funnels you need to create “income at will”

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The five types of sales funnels you need to create “income at will”


A few months ago, a business with a list well over a hundred thousand strong launched a campaign that was a total bust.

Their list is highly targeted. They did a lot of research and spent a good deal of time creating an avatar of their ideal client. Their demographic is one where there is disposable income waiting to be snatched up.

Their open rate and click-through rate was high.

The copy was good and on target with their list.

But no one on the list was buying.

So what happened?

The secret to creating certainty in any business is two things…

Consistent lead flow and the ability to turn those leads into paying customers.

In this case, they were able to not only attract targeted leads—but capture them.

But, it’s one thing to get leads.

It’s another thing all together to extract money from those leads.

Like most businesses, they filled up their sales funnel with “freebie-seekers” and “looky-loos” who have no intention of buying.

Furthermore, for more than a year they gave away free content, never once offering their own products for sale.

Sure, during that time, they included links in their blog to other people’s products and services, and a few other things to generate some income, but they never had a real call to action. They didn’t create real sales funnels or follow-up sequences. They never really even made a solid offer.

Then after a year, they decided they wanted to sell to their list, putting all their resources into one campaign.

They hired strategists, a research team, and copywriters with good track records. They made a plan and developed their strategy. Nothing was just thrown together. A lot of time, effort and money were put into this.

But people didn’t buy the product. In fact, they only made one sale.

They spent so much time giving away free content that they never taught their list how to be buyers.

So when they decided to flip the switch and ask for money, no one was listening.

If you want to avoid a similar problem in your business (or if you are making sales, but not as many as you think you should) create sales funnels to do the following:

  • Segment your database to discover who is interested in buying and who is more interested in collecting free stuff.
  • Pre-qualify people to segment the ones who are truly interested and qualify for the high-priced items or programs you offer.
  • Increase the value of a new member or purchaser by gently pushing them up the money pyramid.
  • Determine who your hyperactive buyers are.
  • Speed up the sales cycle and acquire customers faster.

If you want a TRUE “income at will” business, you need to have a sales funnel that not only helps you create a list of buyers, but one that lets you literally multiply every single dollar for every sale you make.

For business owners who want to weed out the looky-loos and maximize their profits from their list, I give more information about the sales funnels and profit multipliers that GKIC and I use in our business here. These are the profit multipliers we use to multiply our sales 4X, 5X, even 6X’s consistently.

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Source: Dan Kennedy