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The Most Important Part of Any Advertisement You Do

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The Most Important Part of Any Advertisement You Do

The headline is the single most important part of any type of advertising you do. This goes for newspaper ads, magazine ads, sales letters, lead generation letters, postcards, and yes, even television, radio, and social media advertisements.

The sad fact is that almost all of the advertisements placed by businesses today do not have a headline.

Why is the headline so important? It is the ad for your ad. It is what forces your prospect or customer to read the rest of your ad.

Notice that I said it “forces” your prospect to read your ad. Not “intrigues” them. Not gets them “curious.” No, your headline must grab your prospective customer so forcefully that they can’t resist reading the rest of your ad.

Remember: Your headline is your ad for your ad.

It doesn’t matter how stellar your copy is or how wonderful your offer is. If your headline doesn’t pull in your prospect, it DOES NOT MATTER.

During our upcoming training, Dave Dee will go into more depth on crafting a powerful headline, but for now here are a few useful guidelines to consider:

  • Write headlines in a National Enquirer style. If you don’t get the National Enquirer every week, you should. It includes some of the best copywriting and headlines on the entire planet. Don’t tell me that your customers are too sophisticated for you to use this strategy or that it doesn’t fit your “image.” You can’t deposit image in the bank. This style of writing works. Model it.
  • Don’t be cute or try to be clever. If your prospect has to guess what your advertisement or letter is about after they read your headline, it sucks.
  • Don’t talk about how great you are. Speak to your prospects’ interests and desires.
  • Finally, don’t try to “trick” your prospect into reading your ad or letter. “FREE C*A*R” as a headline will certainly get attention, but you’re just going to anger your prospect when they continue reading and find out that you are trying to sell them a used refrigerator.

Many of the best copywriters in the world spend the majority of their time writing out and testing different headlines. Simply changing your headline can increase your response rate by 300% or more.

Remember: The headline is the most important part of any advertisement you do.

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Source: Dan Kennedy