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The secret weapon in any marketing arsenal

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The secret weapon in any marketing arsenal

Newsletters are a lot like a big cannon. A newsletter can provide lots of firepower and has a far-reaching effect that can spread out over a broad area. Like a cannon, a newsletter has a way of scattering and demoralizing the competition. When used regularly, a newsletter can have a positive impact on growing your customer base.

I know that anywhere from 50% to 70% of my private clients can be traced back as subscribers to my newsletter.

That’s a big chunk of business I would never have if I didn’t put out a newsletter.

Here are six important tips to remember when putting together a newsletter:

• The information should relate back to your product or service IF it is useful and entertaining

• Feature or focus on different consumer groups who might use your particular product or service – maybe one month direct the messaging to seniors, the next month talk to people on a budget looking to save

• Be sure to recognize and thank people who have given you referrals – it gives them a reason to give you even more referrals and it creates an incentive for others to do the same

• A newsletter is a great way to promote a new product or service, or create attention and excitement about a secondary product or service that you would like to promote

• Include articles, facts or information that should be passed along and shared with others – this also stimulates referrals

• Keep articles light, breezy and simple – don’t get too technical or give too much detail – a newsletter should entertain and inform, not confuse

If you’re not sending out a monthly newsletter to your customers, clients or patients you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business. You’re also losing money. If your competition is sending out a newsletter, they have a much better chance of sooner or later stealing away your customers. That means they will be taking money right out of your pocket.

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Dan Kennedy, GKIC

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Source: Dan Kennedy