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Three Rules For Making Yourself More Creative And Generate Money-Making Ideas On Demand

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Three Rules For Making Yourself More Creative And Generate Money-Making Ideas On Demand

“A single thought can revolutionize your life as it did mine. A single thought can make you rich or it can land you in prison for the rest of your life.”—Earl Nightingale, Personal Development Pioneer, Motivational Speaker and Author

When I heard Earl make this statement, a light bulb went off for me.

What I got from it was that you do not necessarily need either genius or persistence to enjoy a few prosperous years.

Nor must you labor for decades.

The recognition of an exceptionally valuable thought knows no age or time or educational barriers or limitations.

My friend Paul Hartunian made a small fortune thanks to a single thought that occurred while watching a news broadcast about repairs being made to the famous Brooklyn Bridge; that people would pay for parts of the old bridge scrap as collectibles.

That he could be the first guy to honestly “sell the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Napoleon Hill tells the story of the man who revolutionized the grocery industry with the thought of “self-service.”

Ray Kroc looked at the McDonald brothers’ thriving hamburger stand and thought, “duplicable.”

I could list thousands of similar examples.

There is also the ability to identify opportunity in a given set of circumstances where most others are unable to spot it.

While the trend has slowed down a bit, consider development companies going into decrepit industrial areas and converting warehouses and abandoned docks into entertainment areas full of restaurants, nightclubs, shopping and offices.

At an arts and crafts show, I stumbled across a guy doing a pretty brisk business selling planters made out of old, worn out cowboy boots he’d rehabbed and decorated –as I recall at about $100 a hit.

There are “formulas,” by the way, that can help you spot these ideas and stir these creative thoughts.

Three things you need to do to “think on demand” so that you can automatically generate money-making ideas that could revolutionize your life are…

Make time to think. One of the great problems of the busy, ambitious entrepreneur is stopping to think.

And many don’t.

But just about every successful business leader I know finds one way or another to “steal” time just to think.

Thomas Edison said, “To do much clear thinking a man must arrange for regular periods of solitude when he can concentrate and indulge his imagination without distraction.”

I knew one successful entrepreneur who regularly went for long, meandering drives in rural areas.

Another built a shack about 15 miles from his office, with no phone, no FAX, a comfortable chair, a view of a river and would go there two afternoons a week just to, as Edison put it, “sit for ideas.”

I find eating lunch alone works for me.

But making time to stop and think is just one side of the equation.

Use organized thinking. Most people approach things very randomly. Most people approach every event that occurs in their business, every evolving trend, every sudden occurrence this way.

You’re presented with a problem, whatever it is. An employee goes to work for your competitor and takes half of your customers with them. You’ve lost half your customers which present a problem.

The tendency is to respond to this through random thought. You wonder around, maybe throwing and kicking things in this example, dealing with whatever thought comes into your head about how you might react to it.

But there isn’t an organized process to sit down with ourselves and say, “Okay, let’s go down the list here and see what applies to this situation and what might trigger a good solution.”

Explore all facets of an idea. Far too often, people get shut off in meetings and conversations by being called “negative” and told: “don’t be negative” or “don’t over-analyze”.

Michael Vance, who spent many years in charge of idea and people development for Walt Disney and co-founded the Creative Thinking Association of America, says it perfectly when he said:

“There is a difference between the Negative Ned who always instantly resists any change or new idea versus the thoughtful, rational person who wants to explore all facets of an idea, from best possible outcome to worst possible outcome.”

Creative thinking is only one way to look at an idea. There are a multitude of different ways to think about a problem, event, occurrence, or trend and if you are going to focus on creative thinking as your ONLY approach then you are probably going to lose on everything you do and have monstrous problems too.

Generate ideas, stir creative thoughts, solve problems quickly, and come up with money-making ideas consistently when you follow these rules for thinking on demand.

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