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Three Tips For Turning Your Hobby (Or Info-Product) Into A Long-Lasting, Money-Making Business

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Three Tips For Turning Your Hobby (Or Info-Product) Into A Long-Lasting, Money-Making Business

It all started as a result of schoolteacher Lori Lange looking for a way to stay home with her son.

Famous in her circle of friends for organizing themed dinner parties, Lori was continually being asked to share her recipes …

So she decided to start a food and entertainment blog where she posts recipes, party ideas, cooking experiences, diet suggestions and more.

Now ten years later, her site gets as many as 1.8 million page views per month and earned her a subscription list of 24,000 people.

She’s also published a collection of recipes in “The Recipe Girl Cookbook,” has large companies such as Kraft and Gold Medal hiring her to develop recipes with their products, and gotten the opportunity to travel, doing tours such as a cheese-tasting tour of Europe and a culinary tour in Mexico.

“I’m making more than I ever would have teaching and I have the ability to travel, live where I want and do what I love, ” she says.

Sounds ideal doesn’t it? Making more than you ever thought possible…doing something you love…and having the freedom to do what you want, where you want and when you want.

It’s okay if recipes aren’t your thing. You can develop information products and resources about anything. About your business. About a hobby you love. About a subject you know a lot about.

The thing is…there must be thousands of recipe sites on the Internet. And I imagine many have come and gone in the ten years Lori’s has been around. Truth be told, whatever your topic or interest is, there’s a chance that other people are writing about it and making money.

So what makes a site like Lori’s build a substantial subscriber list and still be going strong ten years later?

Here are three things “Recipe Girl” does well tthat will help you create better information products…no matter what the format your info-product takes (books, webinars, speaking, coaching etc.)

1)      Deliver a unique hook. All of Lori’s recipes are personally created or adapted from other recipes. Plus she tries not to use canned or processed foods. The unique hook for GKIC info-products is that we deliver real secrets without the B.S. and show what real made-from-scratch millionaires have done (and are doing) to make money rather than showing things based on theory.

When creating your info-product, what makes your product stand out? What is your philosophy that you consistently present that makes you unique?

2)      Make the reader feel like they can do it. Lori talks about recipes her 12 year old creates and tells people how easy her recipes are to make. It’s about more than delivering great content. If people feel they can’t do what you present—that it’s too hard, they’re not smart enough, etc., then you’ll lose them. You must help them feel that they can do whatever it is you are presenting.

What can you do to instill confidence in your customers to make them feel they will be successful at whatever you are trying to teach him or her?

3)      Create rapport. Lori doesn’t just share recipes. She talks about her personal life—like an exercise challenge she took and what her family was doing while trying one of her recipes. For instance, she talks about all the cold weather the country is having and how a nice hot bowl of soup warms you up…and enjoying it with her family while they watch the Olympics together. While these aren’t overly personal things, they are things that her audience can relate to…and makes them feel they have things in common with her.

The make-up of your ideal target audience will help determine things you might want to talk about. For example, if I know I have a lot of animal lovers then I might share pet stories. If I am targeting wealthy baby boomers, I might talk about travel experiences.

How will you tie in personal stories or information to your info-product to make the reader feel more connected to you?

Take time this week to see if your newsletter, teleseminar and other info-products do all three of these. If not, spend some time making a plan to incorporate them. This will make your information more interesting to consume, improve your results, and create a much stronger bond with your customers—helping to keep them around for a long, long time, just like Lori’s readers have.

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