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Need To Make Money – Whose Fault Is It When Clients Disobey?

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Need To Make Money – Whose Fault Is It When Clients Disobey?

I’m going to talk about how to correctly deal with clients in this article…

“THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD CLIENT – ONLY BAD SEO’s”… You see we are cut from the same cloth: Although some client’s can’t pay as much – we all would like to make more money.

We All Need To Make Money – Whose Fault Is It When Clients Disobey?

Have you ever heard the term “You Get What You Pay For?” – Lets talk about the four conditions of exchange…

There are four types of exchange:

Need To Make Money - Internet

Need To Make Money - Internet Marketing

1 Criminal Exchange

2 Partial Exchange

3 Fair Exchange

4 Exchange In Abundance

Criminal Exchange is taking something for nothing. There is no real exchange involved. An employee that does not carry out his duties but collects a paycheck is an example of criminal exchange. An organization that collects fees for a service or product and never delivers is also criminal exchange.

While Partial Exchange is above criminal exchange- it is not at all acceptable in business or in everyday life.

Partial exchange is the act of delivering less than what was agreed upon or expected. This can involve the delivery of only part of the product- a flawed product- or a product which is not completely functional.

Fair Exchange involves selling and collecting money for a specific product or service and delivering exactly what has been sold. Most successful businesses & activities operate on the basis of fair exchange.

Exchange in Abundance is the highest condition of exchange. This does not mean one undercharges or gives products or services away. It does mean that one (in some way) delivers something more valuable than the buyer paid for or expected. Unfortunately this condition of exchange is not common

Exchange involves valuables for valuables. In life- exchange occurs in many ways. A business generally receives money in exchange for a Valuable Final Product; however, the principles of exchange apply to friendship, sports, goodwill or church activities as well as business transactions. People exchange with their family, friends and country as well as their business.

You can exchange in abundance with your husband, wife, children, parents & Employees- or perhaps you could provide a worthwhile exchange to mankind in general. Truthfully, there is no real limit to the valuable things you can provide.

The fourth conditon (exchange in abundance) is almost unknown. Yet it is the key to holding success and expansion.

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