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Web Videos – An Easy Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Web Videos – An Easy Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Let’s face it: it is easier to watch than to read. This is the reason why most of us prefer going to a cinema better than to a bookstore, and the reason why ancient pamphlets evolved into newspapers into radio into nickelodeons and into theaters and television. When we read, we have to imagine; when we watch, the imagination is fed on us. In an information space as vast as the Internet, the recent technology of being able to see web videos streaming real-time is such a milestone, which in turn also makes it a very powerful marketing tool -An Easy Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

We all know the name of the websites that feature sharing of web videos, and definitely we know the global and premiere site of free video streaming. The end of first quarter of last year alone recorded more than 75 million video uploaded on this site, and calculations show that the growth rate continues to increase in every succeeding month, with a minimum of 20% percent increase per month. Ultimately, this same site has a client database of more than 250 million users all around the world. These figures are enough to predict that web videos will constantly flourish in the following months and years, the possibilities of their ascendancy limitless.

If you’re among the multitudes of budding online marketers who want to establish your business website, placing several audiovisual materials side by side written documents in your site is -an easy way to drive traffic to your website. Just like conceptualizing web design, video making also entails creativity, and the ability to attract online consumers. The web videos can communicate directly like presenting the vision, mission, and products and services of your company, or present highly-memorable advertisements just like in the television. To attract more readers, you can also create informative and helpful web videos that can segue to the products and services your company provides. For instance, if you’re selling bags, present news on the latest fashion trends on bags, or entertaining how-to clips like how to choose fashionable bags, how to clean bags, and so forth. Through these not only you will share something beneficial to the online readers, you definitely will also win new customers.

To further increase the number of your website readers, you can post your company’s web videos on sites that accommodate free video sharing. You can also promote your videos through writing in social networking sites, and in different forums that gather online communities who have a penchant for certain types of products and services. Using third party video promotion is also powerful. You can ask friends, relatives, and satisfied customers to broadcast your web videos online on your behalf. Because these company testimonials and recommendations come from a third party, online readers will be encouraged to watch your web videos, in as much as they will tend to believe that these people won’t just worship the videos from top to the end. By doing these steps, you definitely have -an easy way to drive traffic to your website and boost up your sales target.

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