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Web Videos Are a ‘Virtual Handshake’ That Start the Trust-Building Process

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Web Videos Are a ‘Virtual Handshake’ That Start the Trust-Building Process

Are you a plumber, landscaper, lawyer, dermatologist, financial adviser, designer…or anything else for that matter? If I need you, you can bet that I’ll go looking for you in one place, and it’s not the yellow pages or on television. I’ll use a Search Engine.

The benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are well known. If your company is on the first page of a Google search you’re way more likely to get traffic to your site, and you at least have the opportunity to turn visitors into customers. But don’t waste time and money on SEO if your homepage isn’t up to scratch.

If your website looks like a screen grab from a 1980s computer game, visitors will be gone quicker than Usain Bolt when he’s actually in a hurry. If your homepage is boring, so is your business….if it’s desperately unsexy, so is your business. You only have a few seconds to prove you are worthy of someone’s time, so what should you do?

One of the best ways to make your site ‘fizz’ is by having a brilliant web video that does the first sales pitch for you. A web video is a virtual handshake that enables you to welcome visitors, to reassure them that they have come to the right place, to establish trust and to show that you care about your image. This active outreach to visitors is a huge step towards winning their business.

It is important that you invite people to watch your video, not force them. It can be irritating and intrusive when videos play automatically so I recommend placing the video prominently on the page with an obvious ‘play’ button. Make sure that the player screen is large enough to view easily (your developer can also program it to enlarge when playing) and ensure that the resolution is optimised for web so the picture is sharp.

You can of course make your own videos, but if you can allocate some budget my advice would be to work with a good video production company. Everything can be customized to your budget, and they will ensure that the production looks professional and slick. If you do it on the cheap, it will appear cheap and will have a negative impact. A professional video is a fantastic sales tool which can be widely distributed on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo to provide even greater exposure for your business. It can also be modified to create a marketing video, a corporate video or a TV commercial.

The message you must give visitors to your site is that you care about you image, you care about your work and you care about winning their business. A well crafted web video can achieve this better than any other medium.

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Author: Susan J Brown
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