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Website Video Production – How Not to Get Ripped Off

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Website Video Production – How Not to Get Ripped Off

It’s no secret that having a video on your website and distributed through video directories, is monumental in helping to closing a sale. After all isn’t that why you have an online business, to make money and why you’re here, researching the Video Production “IN’s and OUT’s?”

There are 2 routes you can take and depending on your budget and time, one of the following could be right up your alley.

Do IT Yourself

If you are a “Do It Yourselfer”, have the time and love learning, purchasing Video Production Software is something you should investigate.

There are many programs out there ranging from $50 to over a $1000.00 depending on how basic to how clever you want to flex your creative muscles.

Bang For Your Buck

If you go for the “lower end”, you may find limited features or a premium application could be way beyond your scope and you could leave you feeling helpless to produce that prize winning Video because to execute your dream video winds up taking up way to much “tutorial” and trial and error time.

But how knows, you won’t know until you dive right in and once mastered, you can add “Video Productions” to your service arsenal and produce for others.

Check online internet marketing forum to research what software will give you most bang for your buck your needs.


Now this is where the games begin!

This can be anyone from an independent producer to an advertising firm.

Independent Producer

Not very often but, depending on their work load, an independent can hand over a video production not even close to their “showcase” quality and you just spent anywhere from 400.00 or 700.00 for a 30-60 second creative.

You could have done better with a 50.00 video application by doing it yourself.

What happens, when their work load is heavy, rather then losing the project by saying the turn around time will be 2 or 3 months, they will tell you “within the month” and outsource it “again”. Once out of the lead producer’s hands, it can be a crap shoot.

Is this the norm? Depends who you talk to. It’s best to check online internet marketing forums.

There are Fantastic Independent Video Producers out there. Do your homework!

Advertising Firm

Usually employed by corporations, there are several out there who will produce that “national” quality video at very do-able rates for the small online business owner getting exactly what they’re looking for. Rates can range from 1,000.00 and up for a 30 second creative.

There are a couple out there at 400.00 per 30-60 second creative.

These firms are more accountable due to their position in the industry, so you’re much safer.

Firm Licensing

Rates not only depend on the creative, there’s also licensing agreements.

Depending where you’ll air your Video will determine your licensing fee.

Fortunately since you’ll be airing your videos “Online” in most cases there is no extra fee or a very small one.

Once you get into Local, Regional and National Television distribution that’s where you’ll see licensing fees implemented.

Bottom line is…research, talk to people, Do Your Homework so you won’t get ripped off!

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Author: Karen A. Newton
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