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What Dan Kennedy Calls THE Number One Most Important Personal Skill

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What Dan Kennedy Calls THE Number One Most Important Personal Skill

Recently I heard a story about a concert promoter who was very knowledgeable about booking venues.

He could book coliseums, huge fairs, festivals, and clubs—the type of venues that the average person would find difficult, if not impossible securing.

Having the venue in hand, he would go out and book talented and entertaining artists to perform.

He even found a way to get the event in front of a lot of people, generating interest from the general public.

But while he could persuade venues to let him host his event at their location,  get artists to agree to play at his events, and generate some interest, there is (and remains) one big problem…

He’s never gotten really good at selling the event to the people who will pay to attend the event.

Sometimes he gets lucky and sells out an event, but more often than not, his events are very poorly attended.

This means he isn’t selling tickets. The artists aren’t selling their music and merchandise. And the venues aren’t selling the food, drinks and other items that make them money.

Much too often businesses can’t see that they have the exact same problem.

Sure, they have a store or website that offers desirable products and services. They may even have a very desirable location and/or a killer product or service to offer.

Maybe they even get a lot of people looking at their products and services.

But then, for the most part, nothing happens.

Why? Because the cold hard truth of the matter is that nothing happens until YOU sell something.

It’s not enough to have a great product. It’s not enough to offer the best service. Because if you don’t know how to sell, then someone with inferior products or services who DOES know how to sell will ALWAYS make more money than you…and will always take business away from you.

In Dan Kennedy’s Power Points, he says, “Life is selling. Personally, I fought this for a little while. But I’ve come to accept that ‘the ability to sell’ is THE number-one most important, all important personal skill. If you are uncomfortable or ineffective at selling yourself, your ideas, your products and services, etc., you are severely handicapped.”

So while you may dislike selling, you need to learn how to do it better or you are severely limiting your business success –even jeopardizing it.

But here’s the thing. Selling is largely a science. Which means you can learn how to do this. Here are three tips for getting your selling game up to par.

Test different sales messages. When you think of sales as a science, you realize you can insert or extract elements to get just the right formula. Create a presentation and deliver it precisely the same way over and over. Then play with different offers, different calls to action and so forth, again keeping everything precisely the same except for the element you are testing. When you do this, you’ll discover the best formula for selling your products and services.

Don’t wing it. Whenever you go into a persuasive situation of any kind, it is just a plain bad idea to wing it. My presentations are always well rehearsed. I know what I’m going to say when. I know when I’m going to pause. And you’ll note that the best sales people know everything they are going to say and do, right down to taking a sip of water.

Study selling fundamentals and selling formulas. There’s a false belief out there that people are “natural born salesmen.” The truth is the best sales people study their craft. They study master sellers and selling fundamentals. They take the time and effort to really understand selling. And they use selling formulas that are proven to work.

If you want a big game-changer in your business, master the science of selling. When you do, you’ll be able to predictably and reliably produce consistent results again and again.

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