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Why And How To Use Promotional Products Anyways?

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Why And How To Use Promotional Products Anyways?

Being in the industry for over 35 years, I’m confident to say that there is not a better way to specifically target your audience, than the ways that promotional products target them.

Why Use Promo Products

In 2006, the Incentive Performance Central group completed a study that found custom-advertising products could be used as a stand-alone method of fully advertising a brand or company. This was only second television advertising. To place so high in this survey only explain the tip of the iceberg as to why promo products are important.

There are many, many, reasons to use custom promotional products, and promotional advertising merchandise.

– To increase brand recognition

– To increase booth traffic at a trade show

– Generate goodwill

– Show company prestige

– To attract new customers

Additionally, promotional advertising products help create at – home reminders, enhance impressions of the brand/product and contribute to a consumer’s intent to buy.

How To Use Promotional Products

When advertised properly, promotional products could work within every industry. Industries could use these products to specifically target a certain demographic. Just last week I was at a College Career Fair, and I noticed that a booth was giving away condoms. Intrigued with the amount of people around the booth, I walked to go see exactly what the company was advertising. The company was a Network Security Design Firm that was giving away ‘secure condoms’ to explain that careers are secure with this company. This company was specifically targeting a certain demographic, college students, and doing it extremely well. I talked to the CEO after the fair, and I asked him how many applications he received. Nearly triple from what other people had received.

Above is only one out of many ways that could help separate your brand with others. Throughout the many years of participating in trade shows, career fairs, and other areas where promotional products are heavily distributed, knowing exactly what types of people are going attend, will help your company it the long run.

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Author: Arsham Mirshah
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