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Why Professional Internet Video Production Is Essential

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Why Professional Internet Video Production Is Essential

It seems anyone can be a moviemaker these days. The popularity of video sharing websites such as YouTube, and the advancement of digital video technology, have made it much easier and quicker for us to shoot, produce and upload our videos online.

The use of web videos is heavily favoured by the commercial world as it can offer an exciting and more interactive way to promote products and services. Online video advertising is also being regularly incorporated into the media mix of many businesses, alongside traditional TV advertising – and it can be produced at a fraction of the cost, in much less time.

In fact the ease at which online videos can be produced would make one seem as though a business could simply do it all themselves rather than relying on professional video producers. However, the online video frenzy has also made it a pretty crowded market on the Internet. Successfully standing out amongst that crowd is becoming ever more challenging as more organisations are choosing this form of multimedia to promote themselves.

When you consider organisations are using web videos to help boost sales, an amateur or unprofessional looking video won’t reflect well for the brand – and could actually push people towards your competitors.

This is why professional internet video production is essential if you want to drive traffic to your website. Professional video producers have the skills and expertise to produce high quality and memorable videos that get potential customers watching them. However, there are plenty of other benefits to using professional online video producers:

• They provide end-to-end online video production and professional guidance so you don’t waste time or money in determining what works best

• Online video production can be complicated stuff – so letting the professionals do it for you lets you get back to focusing on your other business priorities

• They work with you to turn your creative ideas into reality through professional looking online videos

• By using the latest video technology, such as 360 imaging, they can produce high quality or innovative video content – something everyday cameras can’t really achieve

• Online video producers will recommend all aspects of Internet video production, from creative and setting to lighting and props

• They can help boost your search engine rankings as online videos are easier to find simply because there’s fewer of them on the Internet compared to web pages. Video producers can advise on what keywords, tags and titles to use that will push you up the search engine rankings

• To keep your video content fresh and current, they can update your videos quickly and easily to cope with ever changing market conditions

• They give your videos extra depth by editing in creative elements such as graphics, flash interactivity and narrative

There’s no denying that using professionals to produce and edit your web videos offers many benefits. By significantly enhancing your online presence they help you stand out from your competitors and let potential customers find you more easily on the Internet – which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

Neil Adams is Managing Director of Powerhouse, a UK creative commercial photography company based in Leeds. Powerhouse offers a range of commercial photography services including advertising, lifestyle, food, catalogue and pack shot photography as well as other specialities including internet video production. For further information, please visit to find out more.

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