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Win Market Share with Personalized Content and Geo-Targeting

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Win Market Share with Personalized Content and Geo-Targeting

Your website is at the heart of your identity, even before customers decide to stay in your hotel, they turn to your website for information, ideas, and pricing. Today, websites act as the primary branding and eCommerce asset for a business. Websites also offer business owners the flexibility to showcase their hotel, and unique selling points, in a much easier method than other channels.

Geo Targeting: Path to increasing conversions and driving traffic
One of the most effective ways to influence customers and generate more leads is by understanding customer personas and delivering meaningful content along the customer journey. Hotels can achieve this goal by enhancing the website visitor experience.  Providing personalized content based on location is a new way of enhancing the visitor experience. With personalized geo-targeting, websites show visitors different content depending on their location.  Hotels can personalize the content with a custom masthead image, marketing message, engaging body content, and unique offers that appeal to a certain location. Google Analytics helps hotels effectively track the geographic location of the incoming traffic.

Success story
Milestone deployed dynamic content personalization for an all-inclusive luxury property in Mexico. The property is situated in a prime location and offers the perfect beach and wedding experience. To assist the hotel during summer of 2022, Milestone developed a geo-targeting campaign to target users from New York and California. Milestone’s plan included stunning visual, personalized content, and a special offer targeting honeymooners exclusively coming from New York. The geo-targeting campaign delivered over a 60% increase in conversions over the period versus when customers were not targeted. The results speak for themselves, a comprehensive content marketing strategy needs to include geo-targeted content.


Dynamic Content

Hotel Dynamic Content



Enabling the Hotels – Galexi Content Management System
Milestone’s Galexi™ CMS is the next generation SaaS (software-as-a-service) content management system designed for hospitality and travel markets. Galexi™ CMS provides enhanced features for conversion, usability and design. Customers can use Galexi to set up a geo-targeting campaign and also make changes when needed. By enabling geo-targeting on Milestones Galexi CMS, clients now have the power to customize their marketing message easily to increase sales. Additionally, this sophisticated software platform is search friendly and includes schemas for the latest search algorithms.

If you would like more information on converting more website visitors through dynamic content personalization and geo-targeting please reach out to us today.  Additionally, we can discuss the wide range of capabilities of the Galexi CMS platform, [email protected]

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