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WordPress Website Design for Small Business

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WordPress Website Design for Small Business

Developing a small business website can be a time-consuming and sometimes downright frustrating experience. The process usually starts by asking the people in your immediate circle if they can recommend someone to help. These leads to introductions to friends, family and colleagues that might do website design on the side as part of a freelance practice or perhaps hobby. While these people are always eager to help and usually have the best intentions going in, they almost always fall short and end up getting hung on something; delaying the development of the website. This is not only time consuming but also demoralizing as the small business owner starts to lose momentum and usually just gives up. Leaving them with either a dull web presence or none at all.

To avoid this, many small business owners take matters into their own hands.

Designing a website yourself can be challenging. But with the right solutions and tools, it can be a fun andfulfillingexperience. So, where do you begin? The first step is researching a Content Management System or CMS. The CMS will be the shelf and shell that holds and presents your website content, including pages, blog posts and the like. The most effective (and affordable) Content Management System on the market today is WordPress. WordPress is not only easy to learn and use; it also very search engine friendly and displays nicely on a mobile device. Using WordPress to develop a website will require a few hours of learning and tinkering but the end result will be complete control of your website and that is empowering.

WordPress comes with several design options. WordPress uses themes to create the look and feel for your website. It helps frame and layout the content you enter. There are two kinds of themes. The basic kind that come free when installing WordPress and the premium kind that run anywhere between $25-$120. Most small businesses will fork out the extra money for a premium theme simply because it eliminates the “cookie-cutter” format and allows for increased customization to help make your small business website look clean, professional and trustworthy. The money invested in a premium theme will be far less than paying a freelance designer or website design firm.

Even if you decide to hire a agency or website design shop to develop your WordPress website, the costs associated will be much less than if they develop the website from scratch. In fact, most Web design companies will prefer to use WordPress anyway and will be able to quickly customize your website; shaving weeks of the timing to launch the new site. Feel free to Google “WordPress” or “WordPress Website Design” and poke around to learn more about your options.

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